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Fire Protection

Fire in building environments poses a threat to life and may cause extensive damage to property. Safe, reliable ventilation fire protection ensures that damage and injuries are kept to a minimum or even prevented in the event of a fire. Lindab Protect is our ventilation fire protection range offering greater safety. These products and systems have been developed in order to protect people and property.

Lindab Protect

Lindab Protect is our range of products and systems offering fire protection and greater safety in ventilation systems. Safe solutions that are developed in order to protect your property and the people inside.

Fire System Pro explained

With Fire System Pro you get a complete steering system.
Get a sense of how simple the Fire System Pro is in this video.

Fire/Smoke Dampers

Efficient, safe evacuation must also be made possible in buildings designed to be used by lots of people all at once. Lindab’s dampers prevent fire and smoke from spreading from one fire compartment to another through the ventilation system.

Damper Control Systems

Our fire damper steering system (FDS) is an electronic system that is connected to the buildings smoke detector/fire alarm as well as the air handling unit (AHU) and the fire dampers.

Car Park Ventilation

Sodeca’s smoke evacuation fans have been tested in the most onorous conditions and are classified according to EU-standards.

Thor Duct

Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork is a non-coated system, suitable for installation in multi-compartment, single compartment, stud wall, solid wall, and aerated concrete floors.