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Sustainable And Energy Efficient Solutions

Having the most sustainable and energy efficient solutions on the market is not only a big competitive advantage, but also necessary for the climate. Energy efficient solutions are beneficial for our customers since it lowers both their environmental impact as well as operational costs.

Life Cycle Analysis is used to evaluate design and material alternatives and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are being created for products to present environmental impact.

Lindab will:

  • Lower customers’ environmental impact through our products.
  • Published EPDs for 50% of sales from global products by 2025.
  • First green product line by 20271.

1) Products designed to minimize their environmental impact during their entire life cycle: meaning renewable energy sources in production, and a requirement to use innovative CO2 reduced materials and 100% recyclable at end of life.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action


Digital Tools And Technology to Optimise Usage

By developing smart products, data can be used to support better decision-making about energy consumption and resource allocation, while at the same time providing good indoor climate. Connectivity will also enable maintenance and optimisation online which extend the life-time and improve functionality in operation.

Digital solutions will be offered to make it possible to design sustainable ventilation systems with the lowest life cycle cost and impact.

Lindab will:

  • Offer smart products enabling indoor climate optimisation and reduced energy consumption.
  • Develop smart products with the aim of increasing product life span and offering better services.
  • Expand and improve sustainability information in the webshop and digital product catalogs in 2023.
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Cites and Communities Responsible Consumption and Production Partnerships for the goals


Circular Economy With a High Degree of Reuse

Lindab support the transition to a circular economy. The building sector has great potential to improve circular flows through more efficient use of resources. Waste must be seen as a valuable recourse with respect to natural resources and biodiversity.

Products and services must be designed to have a long lifetime, to be reusable and recyclable.

Collaboration across the supply chain is critical to change society and to develop new business models and value chains.

Lindab will:

  • Define measurable target for circularity during 2023.
  • Design products with long lifetime that can be reused, refurbished or recycled.
  • Collaborate with the industry to create circular flows with focus on reducing the environmental impact.
Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action Partnerships for the Goals