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Sustainability Report 2023

Our sustainability work is integrated with the business and we have therefore an integrated annual report and sustainability report. The long-term targets are equally important, regardless of whether they are financial goals or sustainability goals.

Lindab has a strong sustainability profile. Our overall aim is to create a better indoor climate for people's well-being while reducing energy consumption in the building. It results in a business concept based on sustainability.

During 2023, products made from recycled steel were launched as part of Lindab's standard range, and Lindab has become the only ventilation company to receive an pilot delivery of fossil-free steel from SSAB. The work on CSRD has commenced, an EU directive that will accelerate the sustainable transition, and this year's sustainability report presents the results of the double materiality assessment, as part of CSRD.

Selected Key Figures

Below are some selected key figures in the areas where we have had very good results in 2023.

Sustainability Reports

Lindab has, since 2018, published a sustainability report as part of the annual report.

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