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Ventilation in school environments

In schools and institutions, where the premises can go from being empty to suddenly accommodating 25 people or more, flexible and energy-optimised ventilation that provides a constant good indoor climate is crucial. Air flow, air quality, temperature and noise level are factors that affect our performance in a school environment. 


WHISPER AIR is specially designed for the ventilation of schools, preschools, offices, open-space and conference rooms.

Verso R 1000 FSA C5

Decentralised air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger, designed for schools, preschools, or meeting rooms

Productivity in school

The size of the student groups might have increased since the school was built but has the ventilation been adjusted to the number of students in each classroom? 

Demand Controlled Ventilation

Lindab Ireland offer adjustable dampers and intelligent measure units that ensure desired air flow.

Sweden's most environmentally friendly school

Lindab has delivered a ventilation system that is completely free of nanoparticles to the nursery, which is both Nordic Swan Ecolabelled and a certified passive house.