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Introducing Lindab Protect

Lindab Protect is our range of products and systems offering fire protection and greater safety in ventilation systems. Safe solutions that are developed in order to protect your property and the people inside.

Fireproof ventilation

A fire in a building may cause extensive damage to property, leading to major financial consequences for the property owner. But primarily it poses a threat to the occupants inside of the building. Ventilation systems that do not withstand high temperatures may allow flames and smoke to spread from one section of a building to another. This is why it is important to have an active protection system, which prevents the spread of fire and toxic gases. A diligent and reliable ventilation fire protection systems ensure that damage and injuries are kept to a minimum or even prevented in case of an accident.

Safer indoor environment

Lindab Protect offers a complete ventilation system that can withstand very high temperatures for a specified time – without losing its properties. Every component in our solution is tested in the harshest of environments and is certified in accordance with the strictest standards for ventilation fire protection systems.

Fire containment

The purpose of Lindab Protect is to ensure human safety and the integrity of the building. Our motorized fire dampers are developed to withstand very high temperatures, without losing its properties. The purpose is to contain the fire in one compartment, thus preventing the spread of fire to other sections of the building.

Smoke evacuation

Our smoke evacuation system is designed to control combustion gases and direct them out of the building, allowing for safer evacuation of occupants and more time for firefighters to extinguish the fire. The effects of pressure and heat are controlled so that the intensity of the fire is minimized and the spread of flames and toxic smoke to other sections of the building is prevented. The system is made up of a number of components, such as smoke control dampers, ducts and suspensions that are reliable even at a very high temperature. Smoke is evacuated by means of one or more mechanical fans. 

Intelligent and automatic fire protection

To monitor and control fire protection products in your ventilation system, you need a reliable and intelligent steering system. With a fire control steering system, you will transfer manually managed preventive measure to intelligent, automatic systems and products while optimizing test and trouble-shoot operations. Lindab Fire System Pro is a high-end fire and smoke protection steering system, with full control and configuration flexibility to add more products and tailor the system to fit your building.

Why Lindab Protect?

  • Control and extract combustion gas and heat in the event of a fire
  • Keep rooms and corridors clear of smoke
  • Delay and/or prevent flashover
  • Facilitate and streamline evacuation and firefighting
  • Minimize damage to property and the structure of
    the building
  • Safe lives and keep people safe

Design your own fire protection system

We provide software solutions and applications to support you with all documentation, complete system calculations, and fast and reliable product selection based on your requirements. Visit our digital calculation tool, LindQST, to design the perfect fire protection solution to match your needs and get access to all necessary documentation.