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Increase Knowledge About Healthy Indoor Air

Good indoor air is crucial for our health. Lindab wants to contribute to a better indoor climate to make people's lives better.

Everything we do, from developing new products to optimising buildings, should be done with the objective of improving the indoor climate.

By raising awareness, we can accelerate the development of a better indoor climate. Lindab will take responsibility for spreading the message about the importance of good indoor air.

Lindab will:

  • increase public knowledge and awareness about good indoor air.
  • increase the demand for a healthy indoor climate when selecting a home, office or other indoor environments. 
Good Health and Well Being Sustainable Cities and Communities

Drive Legislation and Industry Standards

Lindab should be part of the development of healthy and energy-efficient buildings by influencing future standards, regulations and laws.

As the market leader for ventilation in Europe, we take responsibility for improving the standards for indoor climate. We want good indoor climate to be mandatory for all buildings.

Lindab will:

  • Influence and drive regulations and standards in trade associations in all our markets.
  • If there is no association present, we will work to establish one.
Sustainable Cities and Communities Partnerships for the Goals