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Air tightness is key to energy reduction

The major areas of energy consumption in buildings are heating, cooling and ventilation. An air tight ventilation system is key to lowering the energy consumption. Lindab is the first supplier in the world to offer ventilation ducts in the highest tightness class. 

3 times tighter

A duct system will never be completely tight. The system will normally have some leaks at joints between ducts and fittings. The leakage will also increase as the pressure difference between the in- and outside of the duct sides increases.

Tightness class D is 3 times better than class C, which in turn is 3 times better than class B etc. To choose a higher tightness class is thus resulting in a major impact on your energy savings.

How much can you save?

Lindab has developed the web tool Calc-Leak to help you design your ventilation system. Calculate the efficiency of your ventilation system using Duct leakage calculator which can be used to map out the financial effects of choosing leaky ventilation duct system compared with an airtight system. Duct leakage calculator is used to calculate the energy losses for a standard hospital, a nursing home for the elderly and an office building.

Lindab Safe air duct system

Lindab Safe air duct system is a complete range of circular ducts, fittings, silencers, t-pieces etc. in the highest tightness class. The advantages include quick assembly, the possibility to be twisted and adjusted with tightness unaffected and installation without sealant or solvents. Lindab Safe can be used in all environments.

First in the world with Eurovent certification

Lindab Safe is the first air duct system in the world to be Eurovent certified to tightness class D. The engineer's tasks become easier, since there is no need to carry out detailed comparison and performance qualification testing. Consultants, specifiers and users can select products with the assurance that the catalogue data are accurate to a certain level.