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Lindab’s new room control system

Ultra BT introduces a new way of controlling and optimizing the ventilation system at room level. It can be installed in existing ventilation systems and with fully integrated Bluetooth technology the operation is controlled wirelessly from Lindab’s OneLink app.
– Since the device connects to existing ventilation systems, it can be installed in segments, making it more cost effective for our customers, says Torbjörn Bruzelius, strategic product manager, Lindab.

Ventilation systems make up a 30% of a building’s energy consumption, and directly impacts the well-being of the people inside. With this in mind, Lindab is always looking for ways to make their products more energy efficient, with the aspiration to be more cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly, all along while improving the indoor climate. One of their latest innovations is an upgrade of their high-tech product UltraLink with Bluetooth technology and wireless sensors, creating the Ultra BT room control system. The sensors that control CO2-levels, airflow, humidity, presence, and temperature connects to the UltraBT system wirelessly, and is managed through the OneLink app.

– It is an important step to become even more energy efficient. And since the sensors are wireless, it makes installations a lot faster and more efficient. Normally installing a ventilation system is time consuming, disruptive, as well as expensive, but with Ultra BT it becomes effortless, saving both time and money, says Torbjörn Bruzelius.

Install in segments room-by-room

Ultra BT uses bluetooth technology and wireless sensors to scan and adapt to the current conditions in each room to create the optimal airflow needed – and is only active when the indoor climate requires it. For example, if it senses that there are no people using a meeting room, it powers down until it senses people entering, when it turns itself back on. This reduces energy consumption and costs in the long run. And since the Ultra BT is so easy to install and works at room level, it can upgrade an existing CAV ventilation system to a DCV system room by room.
– This is a great way of splitting up the investment, as you don’t have to pay for a full renovation of the ventilation system at once. Instead, you can start by upgrading the ventilation in a couple of rooms, maybe those that use the most energy, and then measure the results before moving on to the next room and spread the costs over a longer period. This gives you time to see how well the upgrade has worked in terms of savings and improvement in overall comfort and work performance, says Torbjörn Bruzelius.

Naturally the Ultra BT can also connect to the overall building management system, to get a complete overview of the building.