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Lindab launches ventilation products in recycled steel with 62 per cent lower climate impact

Lindab takes another step towards reducing the climate impact of its products by extending the standard product range with ventilation ducts in recycled steel. Recycled steel and fossil-free steel are the two materials that Lindab has chosen to reduce both its own and its customers' CO2emissions. Fossil-free steel, unlike recycled steel, is not yet in large-scale production. Deliveries are expected to start in 2026. Recycled steel is a way to offer products already today with lower climate impact.

Steel as a material for ventilation products has many advantages. It has a long lifespan, is fireproof and can be recycled without deteriorating in quality. Steel produced with traditional methods has a high climate impact. The steel industry accounts for about 7 per cent of the world's total carbon dioxide emissions. To achieve the global climate goals, new climate-smart technology is needed. As a major purchaser of steel, Lindab wants to ensure that steel with lower climate impact is tested and used in significant ventilation projects. Therefore, Lindab is the first ventilation company to offer ventilation ducts in recycled and fossil-free steel.

The recycled steel is already available in sufficient volumes for ventilation ducts to be included in Lindab's standard product range. It contains 75 per cent recycled material, resulting in a 62 per cent reduction in climate impact. Lindab receives its recycled steel from ArcelorMittal's steel mill in Europe and has ongoing dialogues with other steel suppliers.

"Steel manufacturers are making a lot of progress right now. We want to offer customers choices so that they, like us, can benefit from the technological advances in sustainability. Ventilation ducts are very well suited for production in recycled and fossil-free steel. Considering how many metres of ventilation ducts there are in a large building, sustainable ventilation ducts make a difference to the overall climate impact of the building," says Ola Ringdahl, President and CEO of Lindab.

Lindab has previously communicated that the company is the first supplier in the world to offer ventilation ducts in fossil-free steel. Thanks to a test delivery from SSAB, Lindab will have access to it before the large-scale production is expected to start in 2026. The fossil-free steel from the test delivery will be used for selected customer projects as it is only available in a small quantity, unlike products in recycled steel that can be offered on an ongoing basis.

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