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Professor XP Active Chilled Beam (ACB)

Lindab Ventilation AB is delighted to announce the launch of the Professor XP Active Chilled Beam (ACB), with new innovative battery design and improved flexibility to integrate features such as LED lights and speakers.

For twenty years, the Professor series from Lindab has been at the forefront of indoor climate solutions. Professor Active Chilled Beams are unobtrusive in that they can be installed within any ceiling space, while their adjustable lengths and flexible features provide building owners with design and architectural freedom. Professor and Professor Plus, the first two editions in the Professor series, will now be replaced with the new more flexible and powerful Professor XP.

Professor XP provides customers with the opportunity to design and configure their ACB solution to fit the exact needs of the building owner.

Working with Lindab’s Quick Selection Tool, LindQST, they can actively collaborate on the design and customization of their Professor XP, supported by Lindab’s experienced team. LindQST provides open access to Lindab’s knowledge base, as well as a streamlined user-experience. The calculations in LindQST and Professor XP both fulfils the Eurovent standards, guaranteeing the integrity and accuracy of the solution.

The Professor XP series has a number of benefits that make it even easier for customers to integrate ACBs into their building designs:

Tailor fit solution - The beams make it easy to tailor fit cooling and heating capacity according to the specific needs of the building owner. A new modular water battery concept in the beam can be used to optimize performance according to the desired room temperature, making the Professor XP more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Low building height - The Professor XP is the lowest beam on the market, enabling lower floor heights for both exposed, free-hanging beams, and those that are recessed in a suspended ceiling.

Flexibility to add special features - The flexibility of the Professor XP beams makes it possible to integrate additional features with the minimum of fuss. They are constructed with free space in the centre of the beam which can be used for LED-lights, sprinklers, speakers and many other add-ons.

“Professor XP is the first of Lindab´s ACBs to introduce the new, flexible battery concept,” said Martin Wiebicke, Lindab Product Manager, Waterborne Systems. “Together with the optimized waterborne calculator for Professor XP in LindQST, this is a big evolution in our ACB series. Over the last few years, we have moved customers from printed catalogues, through pdf data sheets to our online tool LindQST. This latest update reflects the ongoing optimization and simplification of LindQST, and also gives us the possibility to explain a complex product like the Professor XP more effectively”, concludes Martin Wiebicke.