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SLGPUCircular straight silencer with pod

SLGPU 100 is a circular straight silencer with a centre pod.

Nominal insulation thickness is 100 mm. This gives very good attenuation across the entire range. Used when the acoustic requirements exceed the performance capabilities of the SLGU. Especially suitable for the large dimensions.

Attenuation material is mineral wool. The SLGPU are made of strong outer spiral seemed tube and an inner tube made of steel with small openings to be able to withstand mechanical cleaning and at the same time not interfere with the insertion loss. The space between them is filled with mineral wool and a nonwoven cloth is inserted between inner tube and the attenuation material, to prevent fibres from the insulation getting into the duct system. Silencer can be cleaned by rotating nylon brushes, vacuum cleaner or damp cloth.

Technical data for insertion loss, pressure drop and self-generated noise based on test conducted in accordance with ISO 7235.

Special materials and sizes, please contact Lindab sales.