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Complete equipment for field measuring of leakage in duct systems, e.g. for handing over measuring according to EN 12599.

Also for serial testing of production or in laboratories directly connected via USB.

Measures leakage, leakage factor and achieved tightness class according to EN 13779.

Suitabel for measurements according to the standards EN 1507 and EN 12237 plus EN 1751 and EN 15727.

Large working range, for big systems as well as single fittings and residental ventilation systems.

Simple handling and automatic measuring cycle.

Operate with detailed user guide or in expert mode.

Printing of measuring protocol on site with termo printer.

Permanent data storage possible.

Customer and measure data management via supplied PC program.

Handy set, main device in plastic trunk, accessories in aluminium trunk, easy to transport and store.

Available special accessories and articles of consumption

Set of filter pads, 5 pcs.

Plastic hose (Ø 50 mm length 10 m) with end cover
EPF Ø 100

Set of printer paper, for TD 600, 10 rolls

Seal-off bladder, size 3 for Ø 100–250 mm

Seal-off bladder, size 5 for Ø 200–400 mm

Seal-off bladder, size 10 for Ø 315–630 mm