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JSMJalousie damper

JSM is a manually operated jalousie damper for the closing off or regulation of ventilation systems.

The damper is built on a frame made from galvanized steel sheet. The damper blades are made from smooth, extruded aluminium profiles with silicon sealing strips on one side, and on the other the side grips to a rubber seal when the damper is closed. The damper blades are in the end sealed with a gasket made from synthetic material.

On the outside of the frame, the damper blades are individually fitted with fine-tooth ratchets, which ensure a very low torque.

Axle shaft 15 x 15 mm is mounted directly to the external ratchet. The external ratchet is supplied with a face plate.

The frame can be made using stainless steel, depending on preference..

Temperature range from -20°C to +80°C.

JSM is supplied with an RJFP 20 connection system as standard. For alternative connection systems, please see table.