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ULAFresh air valve

ULA is a circular fresh air valve with telescopic wall sleeve for installation in an external wall close to the roof. ULA has an integral damper that can be operated using a pull-cord.
The special telescopic wall sleeve makes it possible to install the valve in the wall without screws. The two telescopic parts are screwed together through the wall. ULA can be supplied with two types of external grille, and type 1 is also equipped with detachable insect netting.
ULA is supplied with sound insulation inserts in two thicknesses. The material is fibre-free, washable and easy to remove.
ULA is supplied with an EU-3 filter. The insect netting and sound insulation can be easily removed from inside.

  • Easy to clean
  • Fits wall thicknesses from 250 mm to 430 mm
  • Can be supplied with sound insulation inserts in two thicknesses
  • External casing in several colours and materials